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Is there a visible crack or crumbling in your chimney's bricks or mortar? If the answer is yes, it's probably time for a chimney repointing service. We recommend this service to prevent the further damages, which might lead to a total rebuild.

Efficient Chimney Upgrades

You can get your fireplace and chimney rebuilt to withstand any conditions at the most competitive prices. Get timely and professional services for the complete chimney rebuilding process. The most common method is to restore your chimney from the roof line up, where your system is most exposed to the elements and the other is tearing down your chimney to the ground and building it back up in the original design or into a new style.

Top-of-the-line chimney lining, repointing, and rebuilding

You'll find high quality rebuilding, lining, and repointing services for your chimneys from Flue Masters Inc. Trust our experienced team to help you with all kinds of chimney cracking, leaking, or crumbling problems. Our certified and insured team has been providing high quality chimney services across Howard and Baltimore Counties since 1978.

Benefits of chimney linings

Preserves heat and flue gasses inside the chimney

Keep carbon monoxide, moisture, smoke, creosote, and other toxins from seeping through bricks and mortars

Prevents combustible materials from overheating and causing fire

The most common problems for homeowners are faulty, cracked, and broken chimney linings. The majority of masonry chimneys are made with an inner liner of terracotta clay tiles, which are prone to cracking as the house settles. Make sure even new chimney linings are replaced or repaired at regular intervals.

We're certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) - License 7693 and members of Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC) - License 20312, and National Chimney Sweeps Guild (NCSG).

Trust our professionals for well maintained and clean chimneys.

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