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We install Gelco™ stainless steel chimney caps, and each cap comes with a limited lifetime warranty. All the materials used by Flue Masters Inc. come with warranties.

Keep the Air You Breathe Healthy

Prevent unhealthy air or other fireplace troubles with regular cleaning and maintenance of your chimney. Make sure your chimney is secure from unwanted pests and the harsh weather with sturdy chase covers and chimney caps. You get highly reliable services at the most competitive prices.

Trust a family owned business that has been providing insured services to Howard and Baltimore Counties since 1978.

Enhance the integrity of your chimney today

You can remove potential fire hazards and make sure your family is safe with regular dryer vent cleaning. The dryer vents get clogged with highly flammable lint and other matter. Our team provides effective cleaning services to remove this threat and improve the efficiency of your dryer. You can also install chase covers that is a sort of roof for the top of your chimney chase.

Importance of chimney caps and chase covers

Keeps water and debris away to allow free passage for smoke and gas away from your home

Prevent rainwater from deteriorating your chimney

Keeps animals like raccoons, birds, and squirrels from getting into your chute with a chimney cap

Maintaing healthy air inside the home

We can not only remove soot and ash from your home's chimney, but also help it from building up again quickly. Count on us for high quality cleaning, repairs, rebuilding, repointing, and lining services. Indicate your requirements and call back preference in our service request form.

Our chimney sweeps will install aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting stainless steel chase covers for your chimneys.

Prevent rainwater from damaging your chimney with high quality chimney caps. Call us today!

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